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Trauma Therapy – What Is It?

What is trauma therapy? Trauma therapy is just that – talk therapy, with a focus on treating the emotional consequences of trauma in an individual’s life. It is not clear why different people react to trauma in different ways – it could be genetic factors, temperament, and repeated exposure to traumatic events that could lead to an eventual therapeutic intervention. Many people have different resilience levels, many who go through traumatic events may not have any adverse reactions until years after the traumatic event. Traumatic events include bullying, community violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, partner violence, sex trafficking, natural disasters, terrorism, medical trauma, and the death of a loved one.

Trauma therapy is undeniably beneficial for those who’ve experienced any of these disturbing events and who are struggling to cope. It can offer a path towards emotional and mental healing and offers recovery by providing a safe and supportive environment. With trauma therapy, individuals learn how to take back control, rebuild, and strengthen their resilience. Through trauma therapy, people can go from surviving to being able to thrive in their day-to-day life.