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Teen Therapy

Therapy to help your teen manage anxiety, navigate stressful situations, work through traumatic experiences, and feel more confident in themselves.

East Lake Centre offers in-person services in Oakville and online services across Ontario.

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Therapy Can Help Your Teen

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Overcome Anxiety

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Understand Their Emotions

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Confidently Make Decisions

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Work Through Trauma

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The teen years can be overwhelming.

Teens are dealing with a lot in today’s world. Navigating the pressure to maintain peer relationships, do well in school, make responsible choices, and cope with family dynamics can take a toll on their mental health.

We can help them make sense of their world and their feelings.


How do I know if my teen needs therapy?

Teens don’t always know they need help or ask for help directly. Often when a teen is struggling, it shows up as:

We offer a space where they can explore and express their emotions freely.

How can therapy help your teen?

We understand how difficult it can be to help your struggling teen when they’re uncomfortable opening up to you. The truth is that they may not fully understand what emotions they are feeling or where they are coming from.

At Eastlake Centre, we help them figure it out. We aim to create a safe space for teens to explore their emotions, learn valuable coping skills, and receive guidance. We believe that a healthy mental state builds a strong foundation for a successful future.

Teens face daily stress from many sources, but social media is often the main one. Their phones constantly alert them day and night to unwanted reminders of what society says they “should” be. Between their grades, the opinions of their peers, and the image portrayed by social media influencers, teens inadvertently start to hold themselves to an impossible standard. In therapy, we can help them put coping strategies and boundaries in place to balance their in-person and online lives.

The pressure to do well in school, maintain a social life, and manage their responsibilities can overwhelm teens. In therapy, we work to develop effective study habits, time management skills, and stress reduction techniques that can help your teen manage their time well, reduce their stress levels, and achieve a healthier balance in their lives.

Relationships with parents and siblings are a big part of a teen’s life but can also be a source of stress and conflict. Whether it’s misunderstandings, disagreements, or deeper issues, family conflicts can profoundly impact a teen’s emotional well-being. In therapy, we create a safe and neutral space for teens to explore their feelings. We help them identify the areas causing tension and provide the tools and strategies they can use to live more harmoniously with family.

The teen years are a time of discovery. They start to explore what they like, what they don’t like, what kind of a person they want to be, and what they want their future to look like. In therapy, we can help them gain insight into their values, passions, strengths, and areas for growth. Over time, they can embrace their unique identities, fostering self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of who they are.

Making friends as a teen can be challenging. Like everyone else, they want to feel like they belong and have people to connect with. But self-doubt and other barriers can get in the way and make it tricky. In therapy, we help your teen develop a deeper understanding of themselves and boost their confidence in building happier and healthier relationships.

Experiencing trauma, whether recently or in the past, can have a profound impact on a teen’s life, leaving emotional scars that can be difficult to heal on their own. Trauma can cause them to feel scared, anxious, or even numb. In therapy, we create a safe and supportive environment where your teen can discuss their experiences and feelings. Through the process, they can begin to make sense of what happened and find healthier ways to cope, rebuild their sense of safety and self-worth, and move forward, free from the weight of their past experiences.

Dr. Karina Zorzella, Clinical Psychologist & Director at East Lake Centre Psychological Services, speaking English and Portuguese

Dr. Karina Zorzella, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Clinical Psychologist & Director


Why Work With East Lake Centre Psychological Services

We are passionate about the work we do and are dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential.

Our team of therapists is committed to helping you identify the challenges that are keeping you stuck and nurture the strengths that will be the stepping stones to lasting change.

We provide the therapy and assessments that will guide you to understanding yourself better so you can live a life that feels right - for you.

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How Our Therapy Works

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we meet for the first time

We learn about your teen’s history, symptoms, and current coping strategies so we can better understand the challenges that are holding them back.


we put together a plan

We provide the tools and support your teen needs to develop and understand effective ways to cope with the challenges they are facing.


we help you take action

Each step forward will increase their confidence that they are on the right path. We make adjustments that help your teen feel more confident over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my teen have to talk about things they don't want to in therapy?

Your teen’s comfort is a top priority, and they won’t be forced to talk about anything they’re not ready to discuss. Our role is to create a safe and trusting environment where they feel respected and in control. They can choose what they want to share, and if there are things your teen isn’t ready to talk about yet, that’s perfectly okay. We will always respect your teen’s boundaries and work with them to explore topics as they feel comfortable.

Yes, absolutely! The best time to start therapy is when the problems don’t feel so big. Therapy is a safe space for them to talk about anything on their mind. They can talk about their feelings, thoughts, or things happening in their lives. Simply knowing they have a safe space to vent can be therapeutic, and give them a profound sense of relief.

The length of therapy can vary. Some teens might feel better in just a few sessions, while others may need more time. It depends on your teen’s needs and goals. The therapist will talk with you and your teen to decide what’s best. Some teens feel more equipped to handle daily stress after a few sessions, while others benefit from coming to therapy for an extended time.

Therapy is almost always confidential for teens. That means what your teen talks about in therapy stays between them and the therapist. However, there are some situations where the therapist might need to share information to keep your teen safe, but they will talk to you and your teen about it first. We do everything we can to make them feel safe and protect their right to privacy.

It’s okay to have questions or be hesitant, and our hope is that after meeting with us, your teen will find a sense of security and comfort. Until then, you can talk to your teen about why they feel this way and let them know that therapy is a safe and supportive place. Sometimes, it can help to have a trial session where your teen can meet their therapist and see if it’s a good fit.

If you still have questions, reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

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Positive Outcomes of Teen Therapy

Every person and situation is different, and while we are unable to guarantee specific outcomes, over time you may notice improvements in your teen’s life such as:

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