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Kristina Rajacic is a psychology practicum student at East Lake Centre Psychological Services in Oakville. Offers teen therapy and adult therapy.

Kristina Rajacic

Psychology Practicum Student

M.Psy. (Candidate)

Works With:

Teenagers (12+), Adults (18+)



I’m a passionate psychology practicum student committed to providing empathetic support to individuals as they navigate life’s challenges and work toward improved mental well-being. My genuine passion lies in creating a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their emotions and challenges without fear of judgment.

In my background in healthcare, I’ve gained extensive experience working with children facing medical challenges. I currently work with teens and adults dealing with anxiety, depression, confidence issues, interpersonal problems and trauma. Additionally, I provide support to teens dealing with academic stress and family issues and my guidance extends to strengthening family relationships to create a supportive home environment. I am dedicated to supporting individuals, particularly teens, in exploring their identities and addressing issues related to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and personal growth.

As a psychology practicum student, I am committed to learning and helping individuals navigate and overcome mental health challenges, focusing on personal growth and healing. I work under the supervision of Dr. Karina Zorzella.

Areas Of Focus

Finding the right therapist can be difficult! Here are some points that differentiate me from other therapists: